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There are a of reasons for that that range from the obvious and simple to something more complex. They are very different. The biggest reason is that vanilla men are simple. They either want casual sex or they want a relationship. Submissive men are not simple. At all. Secondly, they may not really know what they want. Submissive men offer me more than vanilla men, and I want to give them the best chance to reach me.

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And the best way I know of to do that is to give them an opportunity to get their grubby little fingers into my synapses, to show me something that will fire me up. A big part of that is because an initial meeting is superficial, about pleasantries. Because of course it is. And I struggle with that, not doing it, but to see potential in it.

With my last submissive, getting to know him before meeting was unavoidable because of the distance. For me, a cold start from nowhere is super hard. And I know that taking advantage of an opportunity to worm their way into my head is the best chance for someone to reach me.

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Loves: 19 Please wait…. I was slow that time, but never again. I do that too. I know it can work. BUT in those instances, I had long term access to those men in non-dating situations via work, friends, etcand that makes a difference. It seems to me that for a relationship to work between a vanilla man and a Dominant Woman, that man must accept that the woman is the leader. I started to give three serious thought last Sunday.

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I was relieved at change of shift by a co-worker who tends to volunteer information about her personal life. Primate species also have dominance hierarchies. One species, the bonobos, seem to have a sort of matriarchy. My point being that our species may have a latent ability to revert to ancient patterns of dominance hierarchy. From what Peppa said, it sounds like her relationships have involved dominance hierarchy.

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As you know, you and I are on opposite ends of the get to know one-another vs. This really resonates with me. I met my now-husband online over ten years ago on a forum. I met my Domme IRL but at a convention and since she also lives far away we built our connection online through talking and messaging.

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Fun fact: One of my ex-subs contacted me on a dating site after we split up just to let me know he was back on it, a courtesy. June 14, 10 Comments. Rate this item: 1. Please wait…. Next Post Post. You may also like November 11, September 10, July 10, What a great blog post, it really explains the difference into a hook into someone so clearly. Thank you :. And yes, it did take me time to manage the process.

I had to learn from experience. Super post. We are on opposite ends. And your method worked beautifully for you, clearly :. How we all work so differently. Congratulations on finding your husband and your Domme this way :. Comment Name Website. Close Menu.

Date a domme

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